Screen Time Following LASIK Surgery

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The Provo-Orem metropolitan area encompasses the Silicone Slopes of Utah. For those unfamiliar with the term, no, it’s not a new mountain range, rather is named because of the influx of tech companies in the area that have tapped into Utah County talent and the abundance of skilled tech professionals in the area. As such, there are a significant number of people in the region whose jobs require them to spend significant time at a computer.

Also in Utah County are two of Utah’s major universities, with the obligatory large population of students, most of whom fully follow the cultural norm of having their eyes on their phones or another screen for much of their waking time. While this easy availability allows us all to have quick access to information, did you know that prolonged screen time can be a reason for a less than desired result for an Orem LASIK procedure?

What does using my phone have to do with eyesight correction?

While at the first mention, it might seem strange that there would be a connection between screen time and your LASIK procedure, but it makes since. Regular, or in many cases, constant screen use can cause eye fatigue and dryness. Both of these can be problematic directly following a LASIK procedure.

Because of this, it is critical to let your surgeon know realistically how much time you spend on screens and devices. S/he will be able to determine if this could potentially signal that you may not be a good candidate for LASIK. In many cases, you will be given a strict schedule to follow in your post operative healing time, and it is important to follow your doctor’s directions perfectly.

What else should I know about my job and LASIK?

In some professions, employers have gone as far as to ban their employees from receiving laser eyesight-correction surgery. While rare, it is important to verify that you are not in this situation before visiting Utah Valley Eye for a consultation for your LASIK in Provo. The most common occupations that ban LASIK are airline pilots, OTR truck drivers, and in some cases – yep, computer programmers.

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