Eye Exams

Yearly Eye Exams are important for everyone. Even if you do not wear glasses or contacts an eye exam can provide early detection of eye diseases, and at times your eye doctor will be one of the first to detect diabetes, heart disease and other overall health issues. Your yearly eye exam can not only improve your eye health, but also your overall general health.

At your yearly exam you can expect a detailed external and internal ocular health examination. Your exam will also include a detailed medical history and eye health history as well as assessments of your eye pressure, peripheral vision, visual acuity, eye muscle balance, and an accurate glasses or contact lens prescription.

At Utah Valley Eye Center, we provide comprehensive eye examinations for both adults and children. We always schedule ample time so that we can check your eyes inside and out for glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and all other eye diseases. We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment and continue to upgrade as advances in technology are made.

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