Eye Health and Swimming Pools

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The time for swimming pools and fun in the sun is almost upon us, so the Provo Eye Doctors at Utah Valley Eye thought it appropriate to teach you some swimming pool eye safety!

Did you know that saltwater is actually better for your eyes than chlorine? It is more natural, and thus, does not irritate your skin and eyes.

Swimming With Contacts

It isn’t recommended to wear contacts while you swim. The water can damage your lenses and cause them to fold into your eye. Ouch! They could also be washed away or collect bacteria and cause an infection in your eye. So, to be safe, either wear goggles to cover your eyes, or take your contacts out before you do a cannon ball.

Irritated Eye Relief

If your eyes typically get irritated after swimming, saline ye drops are going to be your best friend. Using these eye drops will provide immediate relief to irritated eyes.

Swimming After Eye Surgery

It is recommended to not swim for up to 6 weeks after an eye surgery. The incisions in the eye may take that long to heal, and if pool chemicals infected your eye before it was healed, it could lead to vision loss. Talk to your ophthalmologist before swimming after an eye surgery.

Conclusion: Just Wear Goggles

To keep your eyes and your vision as safe as possible, just commit right now to always wear goggles.

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