Eye Protection For Winter Sports

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Did you know that sun exposure, even in the Winter, can cause cataracts, growths on the eye, and snow blindness?

Most people take precautions during the summer to protect themselves from the sun, but not too many people think about doing so in the winter.

Sun reflecting off snow is very harsh and can damage the eyes. The higher the altitude, the riskier it is for your eyes. That is why it is so important for individuals who do snow sports like snowboarding and skiing to protect their eyes.

The Provo Eye Doctors at Utah Valley Eye offer these tips to protect your eyes during the winter months:

· Sunglasses- If you wear sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays, they will be a great way to protect your eyes. Wrap around sunglasses are the best type of glasses for snow sports.

· Sunscreen- you can purchase sunscreen that is made for just around your eyes. This will help to protect your eyes from UV glares.

· Eye Drops- the cool winter air can dry out and irritate your eyes, so make sure to carry eye drops with you to keep your eyes from drying out.

If you want more information on how to protect your eyes during winter snow sports, or help finding eye lenses in Provo that block 100% of UV rays, come in today to talk with one of our Provo Eye Doctors.

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