How to Prevent Dry Eye With Contacts

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Many people will head over to their eye doctor in Provo because they’ve been experiencing dry eye as a side effect to wearing contacts. This is a common problem amongst contact-wearers but fortunately, we have some tips that can help prevent dry eye while wearing contact lenses. Here are some things you can begin practicing today.
Use Artificial Tears

You can get artificial tears without a prescription and they can be incredibly handy for anyone, but especially those who wear contacts. There are many brands so just find one that’s best for you. Keep the artificial tears on hand just in case you get dry eye during the day and use as frequently as needed to keep your eyes moist.
Avoid Too Much Wind

Wind can really dry out your eyes if exposed to it over long periods of time. If you plan on being outside while it’s windy, make sure to wear sunglasses that completely protect your eyes. This also applies to fans so make sure to avoid sitting directly in front of a fan or any type of air-movement for long periods of time.
Rest Your Eyes

Sometimes people get dry eyes simply from staring at a computer monitor or t.v. screen for too long. Try giving your eyes some rest throughout the day. Giving your eyes a chance to rest will mean you blink more. Blinking more frequently will help your eyes to regain some of that lost moisture which leads to dry eye.

Avoid Smoke

Smoke in all forms can be very harmful to your eyes and can result in dry eye pretty quickly upon exposure. If you smoke, there are a large amount of reasons why quitting is recommended and dry eye is just one of them. Smoking can also increase your risk of developing dry eye in the first place. Try to also limit your time around acquaintances who smoke often.

We know that dry eye due to contacts can be a pain and we hope these tips help. If you are still having problems with dry eye, please contact your local eye doctor in Provo to set up an appointment.

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