Astigmatism and Lasik

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Not many people are too familiar with the idea of astigmatism. Or, to be more specific, they are not familiar with what the condition actually means. The first thing to make clear is that the whole word and eye diagnosis is called “astigmatism”. Some people believe they have “a stigmatism,” but no, the condition is astigmatism. Now that this clarification has been made, the question becomes about the symptoms of astigmatism and how they affect your vision.

Astigmatism is caused by the misshapenness of the corneas, which is how light enters the eye. Normal corneas are shaped like baseballs whereas a person who suffers with astigmatism has corneas that are shaped more like a football. This causes them to experience blurriness of vision and the distortion of sight.

Can People with Astigmatism Have Lasik

This is question asked at Provo Lasik surgery offices quite frequently. The simple and quick answer is yes, but only certain suffers will qualify. Lasik eye surgery is an effective treatment for those who have moderate or mild astigmatism.

Degrees of Astigmatism

There is a variety of different forms of astigmatism. Regular and irregular are the two main forms of astigmatism. The most common astigmatism is regular, and it affects many people around the world. It is the least severe form and can be corrected with eye glasses, contacts, and yes, Lasik eye surgery. An irregular astigmatism, on the other hand, is more severe, less common, and can be caused by injury or disease. Unfortunately, irregular astigmatism is difficult to correct with eye glasses, and contacts may not be an option either unless they are customized. People who have an irregular astigmatism can sometimes have Lasik surgery, but it depends on how thin the cornea has gotten.

Why Lasik

People who suffer from astigmatism tend to squint a lot because they are trying to bring their eyes into focus to see the detail of objects. The problem is that squinting over an extended period of time can strain the eyes and make the astigmatism worse, or even cause headaches due to the straining itself. Additionally, sometimes people with astigmatism choose Lasik because glasses became a nuisance and contacts lenses irritate or dry out their eyes.

Lasik is a great permanent solution to your astigmatism issues. If you are interested in Lasik corrective surgery, don’t hesitate to contact your local Provo Lasik surgery doctor. They will be sure to assess the type of astigmatism you have and provide you with the best treatment options.

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