Dealing with Nearsightedness

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To deal with the problem of nearsightedness, one must first understand it. Even before seeking out that Provo Lasik Surgery expert, it is important to know a little bit about the problem. It is a problem with eyesight where one sees things near them clearly, but cannot see objects that are further away. It is a condition that can either develop rapidly or gradually, and for most people worsens during adulthood and adolescence.

Risk factors

Family history: for many people nearsightedness runs in the family. If one of the parents is nearsighted, then the risk of developing nearsightedness is increased. It is higher if both parents are nearsighted.

Reading: individuals who do a lot of reading are at a higher risk of developing nearsightedness

The environment: studies conducted in the past have tabled evidence that environmental factors, especially with relation to time spent outdoors, may increase chances of developing myopia.


This condition is associated with several conditions, including;

Reduced life quality the reduced scope of sight might get in the way of the enjoyment of one’s life. One might find that they cannot enjoy or perform certain day to day activities.

Strain: the inability to see past certain distances might have one straining or squinting their eyes. This might cause eye strain which might lead to headaches.

Safety: people who cannot see as far as the rest of the population are prone to accidents as they normally have no way of anticipating potentially dangerous situations until too late. Nearsightedness can be dangerous for those whose jobs involve driving or operating heavy machinery.

Eye problems: severe nearsightedness can put one at the risk of developing such eye complications as retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery corrects this problem through a surgical operation that uses laser treatment. Those who have been wearing glasses most of their lives might appreciate the advantages of having the Lasik surgery operation. Studies have shown that the procedure can improve eyesight by up to 95 percent. It also has a high success rate, and after a stabilization period of several months, there normally is no need for a follow up process. While it will be impossible to do many things, like driving or operating heavy machinery, immediately, the recovery is relatively quick. It is important to remember that the procedure can also be risky, and one should find a reputable expert to perform the procedure.

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