Finding the Right Lasik Surgery Expert

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Shortsightedness might have one wishing they could see as clearly as everyone else without ever having to wear glasses. Lasik surgery is one of the ways through which this could be corrected. However, if not done correctly, the operation could do more harm than good. This is why it is important to choose the right expert for the job.


The first step when looking for experts is to find out what credentials they have. Lasik surgery is no exception. Is the Lasik Provo eye doctor trained and licensed? What credentials do they have? Those choosing specific clinics should make sure the locations they choose are accredited. Look for a doctor or clinic that is part of a respected chain or professional organization.


Without a proper idea of where to start, referrals might be a good point. They should come from family, trusted friends and colleagues and from other professionals in the medical field. Few practitioners can pull this procedure off safely, so to have a referral from a doctor means a lot.


The surgery is important, not only because it rectifies one’s eyesight, but also because it might result in adverse results if it goes wrong. During one’s appointment, make sure to gather as much information as possible. This helps one prepare for the surgery and gauge the level of service they will receive from the practitioner and their clinic. Here are some helpful questions one might consider asking;

How experienced is the doctor?
How many surgeries have they performed before, and how successful were they?
What are his confirmed success rates?
Will the surgery be performed at a private clinic?
Is there a history of eye infection outbreaks in the clinic?
What is the procedure followed for follow ups?
What other field are they an expert in apart from Lasik Surgery?


This is one of the most important factors in most major surgeries. Without insurance, the surgery could end up being a huge financial burden one one’s family. The clinic chosen should be one that allows health insurance claims. The clinic should be able to arrange for claims with the major insurance firms in the area.

Eye surgery can be liberating, no contacts or glasses, and clear vision. Still, laser surgery, although hugely successful, is a very risky procedure. At Utah Valley Eye, we have the most experienced and qualified practitioners in the area. Contact us will any Lasik Surgery related questions.

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