Different lenses for RLE surgery

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A RLE, refractive lens exchange, is a procedure where the doctor goes into your eye and removes your natural lens replacing them with permanent intraocular lenses. This procedure eliminates the need to wear glasses or contacts for vision correction. Replacing your natural lenses will fix your eyesight and prevent your eyes from forming cataracts later in life. 


When thinking about getting this procedure consult with your Lasik Provo doctor, as they will give you all the information. This consultation will also give you a better idea of what would happen before, during, and after the procedure should you decide to go through with it. During the consultation your doctor will also discuss the different lens options that are offered. 


A variety of lenses are offered as there are different types of vision loss, and one lens would not be helpful to all. These lenses are similar to glasses, the only difference is that they are in your eye. Your doctor will help you find the right fit for your type of vision impairment. 


The first type is the typical monofocal lens, standard single focus. These lenses are comparable to those of typical glasses, where they can help you see clearly at one distance. For instance if you are nearsighted, meaning you can not see things far away clearly. If you get this type of lens you may still need to use reading glasses to see at the distance the lenses do not help with. 


The second type of lens helps you see at both distances, these lenses are called multifocal or trifocal lenses. These lenses are the premium lenses, and eliminate the need for glasses or contacts entirely. 


Astigmatisms can also be corrected with the proper lenses. These lenses are similar to standard lenses in that they can also fix your vision. 

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