More than just an eye doctor

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When thinking about a typical eye doctor many people immediately think of getting your eyes checked. Another common image or thought about your eye doctor is getting glasses or contact, and browsing their wall of glasses. While this is realistic and what eye doctors typically do, your local eye doctor may be able to do Lasik Provo or refer you to a surgeon who does. 


It can be hard to know who to go to when you need to get any sort of eye surgery or face surgery. There are many places that offer these services, but how do you know that you are getting the best price? This is why talking with our experienced eye doctors and getting their expert advice is the only way to find the right procedure and price range for you? Our doctors will hear your concerns and issues then use this information to diagnose your problem. Once there is a diagnosis made, the doctors will come up with a procedure and recovery plan. 


Each person is different, and because of this each plan will be different. Recovery time and timetable for the different procedures varies depending on the type and number of procedures you need. You will be given recovery instruction, and you will need to follow them in order to recover in the most timely manner. 


If you have complications or are not healing properly, we are also here to help make sure you stay healthy and heal properly. This may increase your recovery time, and you may need to follow steps to ensure there is no infection or further complications. 


Going to the eye doctor can also just be about checking your eyes and getting your vision corrected. A classic yearly visit is a great way to keep seeing your life with 20/20 vision.

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