What are blue light glasses?

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Glasses typically come with a prescription that fixes a person’s vision, returning it to 20/20. If your vision is not in need of correction and you wear prescription glasses you may get a headache and strain your eyes. There is another type of lenses offered, that enables someone to wear glasses without having the prescription. These glasses are referred to as blue light glasses. 


Blue light glasses have lenses that filter blue light from screens like: phones, tablets, television screens, or other types of screens. This type of blue light has been shown in some studies to cause eye strain, headaches, and the inability to fall asleep quickly. Having these types of lenses will block a certain percentage of the blue light, and in doing so may reduce or prevent some of these effects. 


While the studies on these types of lenses have varying degrees of success, having blue light glasses may be something to look into. If you are frequently experiencing headaches after using screens, talk to your eye doctor, and blue light glasses may be an option. 


The cause of these headaches or eye strains may be something different. If these problems persist or get worse go see your eye doctor immediately. The sooner a problem is diagnosed the sooner it will be solved, and you will be feeling better. 


Whether you wear your blue light glasses anytime you look at screens, just before you go to bed, or whenever you start feeling a slight headache or pain, these glasses may be the right solution for you.  Do research and buy glasses from a reputable seller, one that guarantees that lenses are actually blue light lenses and will filter out some blue light. 


If you have any questions contact your Provo Eye Doctor and get the answers you need. 

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