What happens during a Lasik procedure?

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Many people have heard about a Lasik Surgery Provo procedure, but many do not know how the actual procedure works or what to expect. Knowing how the procedure works will help you know what to expect and keep you informed on what is actually happening.

Lasik surgery is a procedure where a laser is used to reshape the cornea, which is the transparent layer covering the front of the eye. Doing this will reduce or eliminate the need for the patient to wear glasses or contact lenses, as the reshaping treats refractive errors and improves vision.

Before the procedure you will meet with your doctor and they will measure your cornea, see the thickness of it, and record its shape. Then the doctor will review this evaluation and see what parts of the cornea need to be reshaped. You will also be instructed on how to prepare for the procedure and what you can expect when recovering.

During the surgery your surgeon will cut a small hinged flap on the front of your eye, in order to access your cornea. After this the doctor will use a laser to reshape your cornea, using the measurements from your pre-surgery evaluation. After the laser is used, the flap cut will be put back into place; this flap usually heals without the use of stitches.

After the procedure your vision may be blurry and there may be some slight pain. Your vision will not improve right away, it will take a couple of months for your eyes to settle. There will be a follow up appointment and your doctor will check in and see how your eyes are healing. After that you will have to wait and see how your vision has changed. Many people experience significant change and no longer need to wear their glasses or contact lenses. This is not always the case and situations like pregnancy or other eye related issues can cause your sight to regress and get worse again. If you experience any vision change consult with your doctor.

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