5 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes On The Field

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Participating in sports is one of the best ways to stay fit and have fun, but it is critical to prioritize eye safety while on the field or court. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports, “Nearly 30,000 sports-related eye injuries are treated in U.S emergency rooms each year.”

Most of these injuries are easily preventable by following these five tips for protecting your eyes during sports. 

  1. Wear your safety glasses or goggles: No matter what sport you play, wear the appropriate eye protection. Wearing goggles, face shields, or helmets with face masks can make all the difference in preventing sports-related eye injuries. Take extra caution to wear gear specifically designed for the sport you are playing and is well fitting. 
  2. Stay alert and eliminate distractions: Keep an eye on your surroundings and other players when playing sports. If you notice someone about to swing a bat or throw a ball near you, be ready to protect your eyes or move out of the way. 
  3. Use the correct material: Polycarbonate is impact resistant and stronger than plastic. Make sure your safety glasses or goggles come with polycarbonate lenses. 
  4. Function over fashion: Some people feel hesitant to wear eye protection because they worry about how it will make them look. Trust us, your eye health is more important. Plus, there is nothing stylish about a black eye. 
  5. Seek medical attention immediately: If you ever sustain an eye injury while playing sports, never hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. Minor injuries can lead to severe complications if left untreated. 

Your eyesight is a gift. Losing your sight due to a preventable injury is devastating. Always prioritize sports eye safety, and never take your vision for granted. If you have any questions about sports eye safety, please ask your eye doctor for advice or come into the optical shop for help. 

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