Making your halloween costume even more realistic

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Dressing up for Halloween is super fun. You get to be something you normally are not, and in some cases experiments with different makeup looks. Another idea for bringing your costume to the next level is non prescription contacts that change the color of your eyes. There are different types of these contacts that cover a different amount of your eye. 


These lenses can be a subtle change to your eye color, like making your eyes slightly more vibrant. Or completely change the color of your eye, for example changing your blue eyes to look green. There are also lenses that can completely change the color of your eyes, like make them completely white. It is important to note that when buying contact lenses you need to be careful about where you get them. Cosmetic contacts are still considered medical devices and you should consult with your Provo Eye Doctor.  Your eye doctor will have you come in for a consultation and get them fitted. Getting properly fitting contacts will help the lens stay in your eyes and reduce the chance that they will irritate your eyes. 


This type of contact is very safe, as long as you wear them correctly and follow your doctor’s instructions. Not listening to these instructions can cause pain and irritation. It is also important that you do not share these lenses with other people. It does not matter that they are your good friend, parent, or sibling. Sharing contact lenses is another thing that can cause infection or irritation. This is something that is ill-advised. 


Colored contacts are not something that can only be used on halloween. Many people wear them in their daily lives for cosmetic purposes. Maybe you want your eyes to be more vibrant, or wish to correct a minor flaw that makes you feel self conscious. In any case colored contacts are something that make your eyes pop. 

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