Costumes and keeping your eyes safe

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Halloween is a very exciting time for many people, as it is a chance for them to dress up and pretend to be something they are not. This may involve elaborate costumes, intricate makeup and face paint, or something as simple as a humorous graphic t-shirt. These costumes are amazing but while applying your makeup and throughout the night you need to take care of your eyes. 


Cheaper costume makeup is known for irritating both your skin in general and eyes. If you already know you have sensitive skin, research the type of costume makeup you are planning on using, as you can save yourself lots of pain and irritation later on. Find hypoallergenic makeup, as this will reduce your risk for having an allergic reaction. Once you have bought the product, test it on a small part of your skin, as soon as possible. This way you know if you will have a reaction to it before the actual event. If a reaction occurs you know not to use this project and have time to find something else that will work. 


Any cheap irritating makeup can ruin your entire halloween night as you will be in pain, and may have blurry vision as your eyes will get irritated. Wearing contacts can make this irritation even worse as the makeup cna get stuck under the lenses. If the irritation is bad or gets worse immediately contact your Provo Eye Doctor and be sure to get the help you need. 


If you do happen to get this makeup in your eyes, take out your contact if you are wearing them, immediately rinse them out. After you get everything out give your eyes a break, try not to immediately put your contacts back in. If irritation persists, contact your doctor in case your eye is infected or swollen. 

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