Finding time to get your Lasik Surgery

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Life is very busy, with so many different activities, events, trips, jobs, and/or education. With everything going on it can be very hard to find a good window of time to get your Provo Lasik Surgery done. When looking for this window of time you need to remember a couple different things. What the estimated recovery time is, the actual amount of time the procedure will take, what plans you may have during the recovery period, among other concerns and scheduling conflicts. 


The first thing you will need to do once you make the decision to get Provo Lasik Surgery is look at your schedule for the next couple of months. Look through everything and try to find a decent gap in activities where you can lay low and heal. Once you have a few options for dates, consult with the company or surgeon that will be performing your surgery and see what their availability is. Hopefully at least one of these times will match up with your availability. Once you have found a time that works, schedule your appointment and you can get started on the Lasik process. 


Once you have gotten the procedure done, you will need to rest your eyes and take it easy as you recover. It will take anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of days for your eyes to adjust again. Because recovery time varies from person to person, we suggest taking more time than you think you will need off from work as your recovery time is unknown. Talk to your doctor to get an estimate for recovery time, you will also get told what to do and what to expect as you recover. Using this information you can plan accordingly. 


Getting Lasik Surgery should not be stressful, and planning out your procedure and recovery will help relieve some of that stress. 

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