How You Can Prepare Your Child For Their Eye Appointment

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Like many aspects of health care, checkups are important especially for your eyes. Regular eye appointments can really help your child with their vision. If your kid has never been to the eye doctor it can seem scary and different. As a parent it is important that you make sure your kid is ready for their eye exam so they can feel comfortable while they are with us. So if your child is nervous for their eye appointment here are some things that you can do as a parent. 


  1. Try and explain to your child what is going to happen at the eye doctors. The number one thing you can do for your child is to prepare them. Make sure that they know what is going to happen when you get to the eye doctor’s office. Explain to each step of the appointment and check up. Help your kid understand that there is nothing to be worried about. 


  1. Show your kid the importance of eye health. Make sure that your child knows how important it is that we take care of our eyes. Make sure that they know that this appointment is just going to help them and make sure that their eyes and vision is healthy. 


  1. If your kid is still very nervous for their eye exam let them bring a toy or item that will help them feel more comfortable. For a little kid a stuffed animal means a lot and this may be all you need to help calm your child’s nerves. 


  1. Let your kids ask some questions. As a parent it can be easy to just get all of the answers you need while at the appointment but let your child get some of these answers. If your child knows that they can ask any questions they want they may feel more comfortable with at the eye doctor’s


We are always here for you and want you and your child to have the best experience. Remember to create a routine of visiting the eye doctor so we can always be on top of your child’s health. As they get older don’t forget to ask about our Provo Lasik Surgery and when your child may qualify. This can be a great way to help fix your child’s vision if they have blurry vision.

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