Can reading effect your glasses prescription?

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Being back in school means that a lot more of a student’s time will be spent on a computer working and reading or studying in a paper book. This can lead to a student spending a prolonged amount of time spent heavily using their eyes. Unfortunately all of this reading and studying is unavoidable, and it can strain your eyes. It is believed that doing this can cause lasting problems to your eyes, and while yes it can cause strain it will not permanently cause any damage to your eyes. This can also cause dry eye. 


While you can not always avoid the reading load you have, there are some ways you can help your eyes. Doing these things will lessen the strain on your eyes, which will help as you are studying throughout the school year. 


First, make sure you have adequate lighting when doing any reading. Reading in the dark makes it harder for your eyes to see the words, making them work harder. So when reading make sure to be near a light source. The pages of your book should be in the light, so being partially bright is still not great for your eyes. Having a light source behind the book is a great way to make sure the pages are in the light. 


Wearing your prescription glasses or contacts is another way to make sure your eyes do not get too strained when reading. These glasses and contacts make it so you do not have to hold the book so close to your face.


Taking a break while reading can give your eyes a rest, and keep them from becoming strained. Make a plan when studying that includes these kinds of breaks.


Consult your Utah Valley Eye doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your eye health. 

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