Glasses and back to school

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Sending your child back to school after they have gotten an eyeglasses prescription can be stressful. Kids are constantly on the move and tend to break or lose things, including their glasses or contacts. Being back at school makes it even more likely something will happen to their contacts or glasses as they are around a lot of kids constantly. Glasses can also become dirty and hard to see out of. 


For kids wearing glasses there are a couple things you can do to help them keep their glasses safe and clean. Put a glasses case in your child’s backpack that is meant to stay at school. This way if they ever want to take their glasses off there is a safe place where the glasses can be stored. Having another glasses case that is just for their desk may also be a good idea, especially if your child is prone to taking their glasses off in class and losing them. Also pack a thing of glasses cleaner and a cloth that can be used to clean their glasses. 


Kids wearing contacts can make eyecare maintenance more difficult. If a contact is lost at school it is hard to find, as they are very small and transparent. When an eye is irritated it is easier to lose a contact lense. Giving your kid a contact case and some solution gives them the option to take out their contacts if they start experiencing any contact lens irritation. If their vision is bad enough and they need to be able to see in school at all times, having a set of extra contact lenses in their backpack that they can use is needed. 


Going back to school is already very stressful, and having to worry about your kid’s vision should not be another thing that adds to that. Especially if you are recovering from Provo Eyelid Surgery or another vision related procedure. 

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