Tips to keep your eyes health this fall

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Each season has its own eye health hazards so the autumn months bring with them a different set of eye care challenges that you do not have to worry about in the summer. There are leaves in the air, different allergens that your eyes can be exposed to, and things that can cause dry eyes. Taking the proper precautions can help you keep your eyes healthy and help you enjoy the wonderful autumn weather. 


One of the biggest irritations is little particles in the air, especially ones that get stirred up after doing yard work, such as raking up leaves. These little particles can get in your eyes causing irritation and making it harder to see. The best way to prevent these particles from getting in your eyes is to wear sunglasses or normal glasses while doing your yard work. Wearing glasses shields your eyes from these allergens and can keep you out there working for longer. 


If you are prone to dry eyes try to keep them moist with eye drops as when the weather drops the cool dry autumn weather can irritate your eyes. Keeping a bottle of artificial tears nearby can help you if you ever find yourself in a situation where your eyes are dry. 


Another fall thing that could cause irritation is fake or eye color changing contact lenses. If you are not used to wearing contact lenses, color changing lenses may irritate your eyes if you do not take care of the contacts properly. Fake contact lense bought in a costume store, or bought from anybody that isnt your Provo Eye Doctor can be unsafe and may not even be legal. Stay away from non prescription and non FDA approved contact lenses these are very likely to harm your eyes. Talk to your eye doctor about getting some colored lenses for your halloween costume and get a prescription. 

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