Eye Health During COVID-19

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Eye health is as important as ever during COVID-19. Experts say guarding your eyes, along with your hands and mouth, can slow the spread of coronavirus.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology says you can help protect yourself and others by using common sense. Wash your hands, follow good contact lens hygiene and avoid touching or rubbing your nose, mouth and your eyes.


Here are some tips to help keep your eye health up:

Consider switching to glasses from contact lenses for a while

Contact lens wearers touch their eyes more than the average person. By substituting glasses for lenses, you can decrease irritation and for yourself to pause before touching your eye.


Wearing glasses may add a layer of protection

They don’t provide 100% protection, but corrective lenses or sunglasses can shield your eyes from infected respiratory droplets. Still try to avoid touching your face as the virus can still reach your eyes from the exposed sides, tops and bottoms of your glasses.


Avoid rubbing your eyes

It’s hard to break this natural habit but doing so will lower your risk of infection. If you feel the urge to itch, rub, or even adjust your glasses reach first for a tissue instead of using your fingers. If you are going to touch your eyes be sure to wash your hands first with soap and water for 20 seconds then wash them again afterwards.


Stock up on prescriptions when possible

If you become quarantined or if supplies become limited you will want to have a backup or stock on critical medications. It’s not always possible if your insurance doesn’t allow more than one prescription a month. Check in with your insurer to see what their policy is during times of natural disaster. Some will approve a 3-month supply.


Our team at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo, Utah hope these tips help you keep your eye health a priority. If there is anything we can do to help you during these times please let us know.

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