How To Wear a Face Mask with Glasses

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Anyone who wears glasses knows that they fog up when wearing a mask. So how do you keep that from happening when many places are requiring people to wear facemasks to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic? Here are some tips:


Improve the fit of your facemask


If you’re wearing a homemade mask, consider threading a pipe cleaner or fastening a twist tie into the top of your mask. This will help your mask bend across your nose and face more easily. Most medical face masks have a feature like this to keep the mask secure on your nose and cheeks. You’ll know you have the proper fit when you’re breathing. Your breath should go through the mask, not up and around it.


Pull up your mask


Using your glasses as a weight, you can pull your face mask up and hold it in place. Doing this can help block the airflow from coming up onto your lenses, but the effectiveness of this method relied heavily on the size and shape of your glasses.


Use an anti-fog spray or wipe


This tactic can be handy and effective but also expensive. Also, not all anti-fog sprays and wipes will work if you have certain coatings on the glass like anti-smudge.


Wash with soap and water


If those tips don’t work you can always try washing your lenses with some soap and water. Don’t wash the soap off! Instead, let your glasses air-dry. This can help prevent fogging because it leaves a protective film on the lenses.


The Centers for Disease Control says that anytime we are out in public we should be covering our nose and mouth to protect other people. Hopefully you find these tips helpful and if you have any others send them our way! We love to share helpful tips with all of you at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo, Utah.

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