Financing a Life Without Lenses

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Financing a Life Without Lenses

Since Lasik surgery is not always covered by health insurance, many feel that the cost of procedure is prohibitive. Prospective patients often feel discouraged when they realize that they are good candidates for Lasik, but they don’t know how best to pay for the procedure. With some research and planning, paying for a Lasik procedure can be within your reach.

When looking for the best way to pay for your Lasik procedure and achieve a glasses-free life, you have several options. A few of these ways to help you pay for your Lasik procedure in the Provo/Orem area include: using a Vision Insurance plan, a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), healthcare credit card, or with an in-house financing option with the provider.

Vision Insurance Plans

Many companies offer a separate vision plan for their employees in addition to their health insurance package. These plans are typically not very expensive as an add-on to your benefit package. When it is time to review your coverage, if you are interested in Lasik, verify if any of the available plans cover the procedure. VSP is one of the providers that covers Lasik in some of its plans.

Employer-contracted discounts with providers

Some larger Utah County companies have an option for their employees to take advantage of a discounted Lasik surgery in Provo with a contracted vision correction provider. To see if your company offers a Lasik discount program, contact the benefit manager.


Many people use either an FSA or HSA to pay for their vision correction surgery. When funding these accounts, you reduce your tax liability since these accounts are funded with pretax contributions taken out of each paycheck. It is important to remember the limitations of these accounts, and use the funds before the end of the calendar year. With proper planning, you can determine the cost for your procedure and plan appropriate funding to pay for your surgery. Even though you may have to wait several months, it can be worth the wait to live without corrective lenses.

Credit options

There are specific credit cards that offer financing for healthcare, like Care Credit. These cards can be used for vision, dental, plastic surgery, and even veterinary needs. For emergencies, an account can provide peace of mind for unexpected expenses.

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