Common Myths about your Eyes and Vision

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* Eye Exercises Can Prevent/Fix Vision Loss

Doing eye exercises or “eye yoga” on a regular basis will delay, prevent or correct vision loss.

Reality – Your spectacle number depends on eye tissue health, eyeball shape and other factors. Eyesight is not significantly affected by eye exercises.

* Prescription Glasses/Lenses Fix (or Harm) Your Eyesight

Wearing vision aids all the time helps improve eyesight and prevent vision deterioration. However, some believe it makes eyesight worse.

Reality – Glasses or contact lenses only make your vision clearer. Wearing them constantly does not increase or decrease your power, but could help prevent eye strain.

* Eyesight Gets Worse with Increasing Age

You will definitely face issues with retinal damage, vision loss and eye-related diseases as you get older.

Reality – If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, get regular eye exams and avoid smoking, drinking and high sugar intake, your eyes can remain healthy even in old age!

* Glaucoma Is a Risk Only for Those with Poor Eyesight

People with 20/20 vision and no symptoms of glaucoma are not at risk of developing the disease.

Reality – Glaucoma symptoms only show up in the moderate or advanced stage of the disease, but early detection and treatment can slow its advance.

* Staring at the Sun Can Strengthen Your Eyes

Looking directly into the sun helps to strengthen your eyes and improve your eyesight.

Reality – No, no and no! Looking directly at a solar eclipse causes retinal damage, and so can looking at the sun without protective eyewear.

* Carrots Are the “Magic” Food for Eye Health

Eating a lot of carrots protects your eyes, prevents the need for glasses, and improves your eyesight.

Reality – It isn’t carrots that protect your eye structure, but Vitamin A. Carrots are rich in this antioxidant, but so are dark green leafy veggies and fresh fruits.

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