Interesting Beliefs about Eye Color

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Your eye color is one of the physical traits that make you unique. With proper care and frequent visits to your optometrist at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo can keep your beautiful eyes healthy and ready to show off to the world. In fact, some people believe that your eye color can give hints to your personality traits. Check out the interesting beliefs about different eye colors listed below.

Blue Eyes

Fun Fact: science has recently determined that all people with blue eyes share a single ancestor. People with blue eyes are thought to be intelligent, pure, and insightful. Alternatively, people with really pale blue eyes are thought to be deviant or evil and not to be trusted. Additionally some people believe that blue eyed people have the best memories, blue eyes are a sign of luck, blue eyes indicate an honest nature, people with blue eyes have a gift for seeing the truth, and blue eyed people have longer relationships.

Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common of all colors; more than half the population has brown eyes. People with brown eyes are thought to be humble, trustworthy, and loving. It is also thought that people with brown eyes are sensitive and empathetic, brown-eyed individuals make the best lovers, the most famous leaders have brown eyes, brown eyes are a sign of independence, and people with brown eyes have the best sense of humor.

Green Eyes

Green is one of the rarest eye colors. Green eyes are often confused with hazel but are completely different. Green eyes are a result of a teeny amount of golden tint in combination with the natural blue and lack the brown that can be found in hazel eyes. Green eyes are associated with passion, good and bad. People with this color eyes are thought to be deviant, wild, and curious. Green eyes have been at the center of superstitious beliefs worldwide related to witches, magic, vampires, and evil spirits.

Hazel Eyes

The hazel color is a result of the combination of brown and amber with a unique scattering of light. For this reason, hazel eyes often appear to change colors; more green, amber, or brown depending on their environment. Hazel eyed individuals are thought to be patient and mild-mannered as well as independent and brave. Hazel-eyed people experience emotions more intensely. People with hazel eyes are risk-takers, relationships with people that have hazel eyes don’t last long, people with hazel eyes are spontaneous and hazel eyes are indicative of a good-natured person.

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