How to Keep Your Glasses From Getting Ruined

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Keeping your glasses in good shape is easier said than done. It can be hard to keep your glasses perfectly clean but it can be done. It can be hard to remember to clean them especially if you wear your glasses all the time. Glasses are so important for our eyesight it is very important that we take care of them.


You should wash your glasses very often, even once a day. This will help keep your lenses in optical state. The cleaner the lenses are it is better for your eyes. You can hurt your eyes by always trying to see through smudges. 


When you go to clean your glasses use lukewarm water (not hot) with a drop of dish soap and gently rub the nose pad and lenses. After rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth. If your glasses are so dirty and greasy that you can’t see at all, that is when you use glasses cleaner. Just be careful because the more often you rub your glasses the more likely they are to get ruined. The less rubbing the better. 


A big thing when it comes to glasses is how you take them off and put them on. Be careful when doing so. You do not want to carelessly drop your glasses. Use both hands when putting on and taking off your glasses so that way you are less likely to drop them. 


You should also be aware where you are setting your eyeglasses. The best place for them if they are not on your face is in a case. If you go to set them on a table make sure it is a clean and stable surface. 


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