Does Lasik Hurt?

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There are many people out there who do not have perfect vision. Wearing contacts and glasses fix the problem but after using contacts or glasses some people use a more permanent solution and that is lasik. Lasik is a type of surgery that uses some layers to correct your vision. If you do not have perfect vision our Lasik Surgery Provo might be perfect for you. There is a big question that everyone wonders and that is, Does lasik hurt? The answer to that is no.


Right before your procedure you will receive some eye numbing drops and this will help you not feel any pain. During the procedure you should not feel any pain but you may feel a little uncomfortable or feel some pressure so you will not feel pain. These numbing drops will keep the pain away the whole time you are with us. 


During recovery you should also feel no pain. There are some rare cases of people who have felt severe pain but this is very uncommon. Even though you will not feel severe pain you may feel something more along the lines of discomfort. During the recovery process you may feel some irritant and itching in your eye. You could even feel some burning. Most people say that recovery feels like you have something stuck in your eye.


If you do start feeling some bad pain you can be put onto a prescription for painkillers but for most people normal pain killers does the trick to get rid of any pain or discomfort you may be feeling.  


Lasik can be a great thing for you and your vision. This pain free procedure will be the thing you need to get your vision back. If you are ready for lasik or wonder if you qualify for lasik please do not hesitate and give us a call today. 

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