Relieving contact lens irritation and discomfort

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Wearing contact lenses has many benefits. You can wear these lenses all day, any day during any sort of activity. Contacts are a great replacement for glasses, especially when doing any activities that may break or damage your glasses like playing a sport. This is also a great alternative if you are not ready to get Orem Lasik surgery. While contacts are a great way to keep seeing clearly, contact lenses are not problem free. 


Contact lens wearers can experience discomfort and/or irritation when wearing their contacts. This discomfort can include burning, stinging, redness, and blurry vision. Symptoms can vary from slight to more severe. Each person can experience different symptoms and levels of discomfort. 


There are a few different reasons that you could be experiencing contact lens irritation:


Improper Care

Taking care of your contacts properly is a big part of keeping your eyes healthy. During a day when you are wearing your contacts the lenses can accumulate bacteria, makeup, hair products, and other things that can be transferred from your hand to your eye. Properly cleaning and storing your contacts at night will keep your lenses clean and your eyes healthier. You should be washing your hands every time before dealing with your contacts, to avoid getting anything on your lenses. Different types of contacts require you to replace them at certain intervals. Daily contacts should only be worn for a day then thrown away, other contacts can be stored and worn for longer periods of time. Use the contact solution that is suggested by your doctor, as it will be made for your type of contact lens. 


Wearing the wrong type of contacts

Eyes come in different shapes and sizes. Having contacts that are not a good fit for your eye can cause irritation. Consult with your eye doctor if your contacts appear to be the wrong shape. They will reexamine your eyes and help you find the right shape. 


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