The age range when getting Lasik

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Lasik surgery is a great way to improve your eyesight. While there is no specific age you should get Lasik there are times in life when it may be more beneficial. Most surgeons will not perform lasik for any patients under the age of eighteen. Children and young adults’ eyes can change and they are advised to wait until their prescription stabilizes. There are extreme cases that may require a similar surgery and would be the exception to the soft rule. Anyone, even those over eighteen, should not get Orem Lasik until they have had no fluctuation in their eyewear prescription for two year. Eyes can continue to change in adults until their early twenties. Consult with your eye doctor to check if your eyes are still developing or changing prescription. 


For anyone under the age of 25 it may be suggested to wait for Lasik until they turn 25. This will ensure their prescription is stable. If you are stable and have been for a while your doctor may consider performing Lasik surgery sooner. Special consideration may be taken in the case of professional athletes, military, and other specific groups. 


There is no suggested upper age limit for Lasik surgery. It all depends on the candidate. If the candidate has or is experiencing age-related eye issues they may not be a good candidate for Lasik surgery. Some prefer the occasional use of reading glasses for slight vision correction as opposed to getting surgery at an older age. If you are in good health and have not had any eye disorders earlier in life your doctor will most likely approve you to get Lasik. The development of cataracts or glaucoma is a priority over receiving Lask surgery, and will need to be fixed before the discussion about getting Lasik can begin. 


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