The benefits for young children wearing sunglasses

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Everyone should wear sunglasses when they are planning and spending time outside. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Children spend more time outside than adults annually and need to have their eyes protected. Children’s eyes are still developing and are not as effective when blocking out UV rays. In addition to this, children’s skin and eyelids are more sensitive than adults. They need more protection and care. Sunglasses provide this protection to both the actual eyes and the skin around. 


Taking care of children’s eyes will help them later in life as UV exposure can cause cataracts and other eye conditions. This damage builds up over time, and can contribute to the development of age related issues. Help your child by building healthy eye habits now. 


It can be challenging to get children to wear sunglasses. They are constantly moving and may jostle anything put on their heads. There are a few tricks that can help you get sunglasses to stay put. 


Starting young can help children get into a habit of wearing sunglasses, this habit will benefit them for the rest of their lives. It will become natural to wear sunglasses when going outside. When buying sunglasses, find some that fit just right. Anything loose will fall off, but if it is too tight it can be uncomfortable and painful. Getting a strap can keep the glasses from being taken off and lost. The strap will keep the glasses on them, until they put them back on their face. Being an example can encourage your child to wear their glasses more. Children look up to their caregivers and want to be like them, and will likely wish to copy their caregiver. This will also help you get into the habit of wearing your sunglasses. 


Help your children protect their eyes and stay healthy. If your child wears glasses already consult your Orem eye doctor to see what option you have. 


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