Weird Eye Conditions

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The optometrists at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo have seen their fair share of eye conditions. Nothing compares to the weird eye conditions that we have found and listed below for you to enjoy.

Crying Blood

More scientifically called haemolacria, crying blood is an extremely rare disorder. This can be caused by a number of factors including tumors, conjunctivitis, tears in the tear ducts, or hormonal changes. In fact, according to a 1991 study, 18 percent of fertile women have some blood in their tears versus only 7-8 percent of pregnant women, men, and post-menopausal women.

Hairy Eyeballs

A 19-year-old Iranian man developed a rare cyst called a limbal dermoid on his right eyeball that grew hairs. The tumor was basically made up of skin cells that got misplaced in the eye while the man was still a baby in the womb.

Cat Eyes

An extremely rare chromosomal disease, cat eye syndrome is an absence of tissue in the eye which causes the pupil to narrow and push itself into the iris giving it a feline appearance.

Red Eye Color

Caused by albinism, a condition caused by insufficient production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to your hair, skin and eyes. The red color comes from the blood vessels behind the iris showing through.

Two Pupils in One Eye

Having two working pupils in the same eye–meaning they each have their own sphincter muscles and are capable of operating independently of each other–is extremely rare but can happen. It’s called polycoria and is one of the rarest conditions in the world.

Different Colored Eyes

If you see someone with two colored eyes, you might think that person lost their colored contact lens, but he or she may in fact have a disorder called heterochromia. Some people with this benign condition may have two different colors within the same eye or a circular ring of color outside the pupil. Famous actress Mila Kunis actually has this condition.

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