Protecting your Eyes during the Winter

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Winter is fast approaching you will want to protect your eyes just as much now as you did over the summer. We at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo care about your eye health and want to make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions when it comes to keeping your eyes as healthy as possible. Below we have listed a few steps to follow this winter in order to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Add Moisture

As the temperature decreases we tend to crank up our heaters. The dry heat produced from our heaters or wood stoves can greatly affect the moisture of your eyes. Try sitting farther away from heat sources as to not dry out your eyes. Use eyedrops as needed to add the moisture your eyes are lacking.

Wear Sunglasses

Believe it or not, the sun can damage your eyes when it’s cold outside in more ways than when the weather is warm. Snowy conditions double the sun’s effect as ultraviolet (UV) rays can enter your eyes from above and are reflected off the snow into your eyes. Make sure your sunglasses adequately protect your eyes from UV light.

Wear Goggles during Recreational Activities

As you are out enjoying the winter air you will want to make sure you are wearing the proper eye protection. Depending on what kind of activity you are doing will determine the degree of protection you need. If your winter sport makes it easy for debris — dirt, bark, slush, ice — to get into your eye while you’re being active outdoors then you should consider wearing protective goggles. Find a pair of goggles that gives you UV protection as well.

Constantly maintaining your eye health year round can help you to have the best vision possible. Consult with our doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo for more steps and suggestion when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy and safe this winter. We at Utah Valley Eye Center can help you with all of your vision needs and have the expertise in a variety of areas, including LASIK surgery. Call or stop by today to make an appointment today to learn more about the services we provide.

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