Are you Suitable for LASIK Eye Surgery?

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Have you been wondering if LASIK Eye Surgery is right for you? The thought of not having to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore is very tempting, but you want to make sure you are suitable for the procedure before you start the process. Meeting with the optometrist at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo can help you to determine your needs and the option of LASIK. Listed below are some factors to help you in determining if you are suitable for LASIK.


What Makes you Suitable

If a person has had a stable prescription for 12 months, has an otherwise healthy eye and is in good general health, it is most likely that they are suitable for laser eye surgery. Most people find themselves to be a suitable candidate for LASIK. There are some rare instances in which you wouldn’t be able to go through with the procedure.


What Makes you Less Than Suitable

  • People over the age of 40. Near vision loss – called presbyopia – is a natural part of ageing. It causes a person to gradually find it more and more difficult to read close-up items, such as menus or a mobile phone.
  • People who have extremely high refractive errors. If a patient has an above average level of myopia or hyperopia, LASIK may not be recommended (as an example, an above average level of myopia is between -8 and -20 diopters).
  • People with an eye disorder, disease or an autoimmune disorder. People with uncontrolled autoimmune disorders such as Lupus or a family history of keratoconus may be more prone to complications with laser eye surgery. People with diabetes or other health issues may be suitable, depending on their particular situation.
  • People under the age of 20. If you are under 20, your eye prescription is most likely still changing – this is normal. Most laser eye surgeons will want to ensure that your prescription has not changed for at least 12 months prior to surgery.


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