Allergies and Your Eyes

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This has been a strange spring in Utah County. Even though summer is arriving this month, the weather has been more spring-like in many ways – with regular showers, wind, and sun. This added moisture has been a blessing in that we are out of the drought for now, plants are flourishing, and our mountains are bathed in a carpet of green, a far cry from the fire-scorched earth that we dealt with just a few months ago.

On the flip side, with the moisture, there is an increased chance of flooding as the snowpack rapidly melts. Additionally, with the flourishing plant life, pollen levels and allergies are higher than typical years, creating problems for those suffering from hay fever.

Utah Valley Eye offers comprehensive eyesight care, from dry eyes and allergies to LASIK in Provo. There are several self-care measures to take at home for allergy-irritated eyes.

How do allergies affect the eyes?

Itching, swelling, redness, dryness, or a “gritty” feeling are all common symptoms of allergies and all can be nearly unbearable! The hardest aspect of these symptoms is that you must avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs, as this releases more histamines, which then causes the itching to build. Cool compresses can provide some relief, as well as moisture drops.

What about symptoms first thing in the morning?

If you find that you awaken with eye discharge, swelling, etc., a few preventative measures to take at bedtime can help. Sleeping with your bedroom windows closed, and nightly showers can help you awaken with fewer early morning symptoms. Taking an oral antihistamine can help as well.

There always seems to be a tradeoff – and allergies are not fun to deal with at all. If you continue to have problems with your allergies after you’ve tried the steps above and seen your primary care doctor, make an appointment with us at Utah Valley Eye. We’re more than just leaders in Provo/Orem LASIK.

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