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Getting glasses frames for the first time or after a prescription change can include a few different decisions. You need to find some frames that sit comfortably on your face, frames that complement your face shape, and durable frames. Glasses frames come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. Getting a pair of frames can be a difficult process as you try to find something that is comfortable and that fits the look you want, in addition to helping you be able to see clearly. You can find glasses online through different websites or in person from your Utah Valley Eye Doctor


Trying on a pair of glasses in person is a great way to feel how comfortable the different frames are. You can decide what styles you do and do not like. Frames that are too tight can cause an aching pain right behind the ears that goes away shortly after you take the glasses off. Loose fitting glasses may slip off your face and get damaged. 


Properly fitting frames look like: the width not being any wider than the width of your face at the temple, the top of the frames should not be higher than your eyebrows, and the lower edge should not rub against your cheek. Getting properly fitting frames can help you avoid unnecessary irritation and pain from wearing glasses. 


Different frame styles look best on different face shapes. This depends on the width of the lenses, what the slope of the lenses are, and other factors. You can try glasses on in person to find a good fit, or use an online tool to try on lenses on a picture of you. There are also resources that describe what frames fit different face shapes. 


Taking the time to find proper frames will help you get great satisfaction from your lenses. You will be able to see better, and look great in a style that fits your fashion style. 

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