Eye Care Myths

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There are so many myths about eye care out there. Do not believe everything you see and hear. There is so much misinformation out there about eye care. You have probably heard most of these myths over the years. Here I will debunk some eye care myths.


  • Reading under a dim light is bad for your eyes. Even though all of our moms have said this, it is actually not true. Reading under a dim light will not hurt your eyes. This may make your eyes feel tired and you could get a headache. 
  • Eating carrots will improve your eyes. This is sadly not true. Carrots do provide a ton of vitamin A. This does help you have a healthy diet but eating as many carrots as you can will not improve your eyesight. 
  • Sitting too close to the tv hurts your eyes. Mom is back again. We have all heard this from our mothers. Kids love to sit closer not necessarily to see better but to be more engaged with the show. Sitting closer to the tv does not weaken your eyes. 
  • Wearing a different prescription will ruin your eyes. While wearing a different prescription may strain your eyes and cause fatigue. It will not weaken your eyes. 
  • All vision loss is permanent- Some kinds of vision loss is permanent but not all. It is not uncommon for people to have their vision slightly get better over time. Especially if you make lifestyle changes like quitting smoking. 


Here at Utah Valley Eye we are here for you. We provide many services for your eyes, especially eye exams and Lasik Provo. We want the best for your vision. If you want to set up an eye exam or even just have a few questions just give us a call today. 


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