How to Get your Child to Wear Their Glasses

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Getting your child to do anything that isn’t their idea is a fight. This rings true when it comes to getting them to wear their new glasses. While the doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo can help your child with finding the right prescription, it is up to you to encourage your child to wear their new glasses. Below are some tips for you to try when encouraging your child to like their new eye wear.


Start with the Frames

While you are consulting with your doctor at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo you will be asked to pick out frames for your child. Involve them in the process and help them find frames that they love and want to wear. Letting them pick out the frames themselves will encourage them to wear them on their own. It is always good to try the frames on and make sure they are a comfortable fit as well.


Encourage the Wearing of their Glasses

The best way to do this is to show them how cool glasses can be. Start by having them wear their glasses and having them read their favorite book or watch their favorite cartoon. It is guaranteed that they will be fascinated with their new vision and want to wear their new glasses more often to watch their favorite show. It even helps to go as far as to finding books and TV shows with cute and lovable characters that like to wear their glasses every day.


Practice Positive Reinforcement

If your child shows their want to wear their glasses on their own or remembers to grab them without your reminder, make sure you reward them for their behavior. This will encourage them to be responsible with their glasses and actually want to wear them.


With the right encouragement and help from the experienced optometrists at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo your child will love their new eyewear. For more information on the services we can provide, including LASIK, give our office a call today.

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