Tips for Protecting your Child’s Eyesight

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As parents we are always trying to make sure we are doing the best for our children’s development. This is also true when it comes to their eyesight. The doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center can help you in making sure that your child’s eye sight is taken care of as they grow. Below are some of the ways you can ensure you are doing what you can when it comes to protecting your child’s eyesight.


  • Start off on the right foot as early as pregnancy. Eating healthy throughout pregnancy can help your baby to start off as a healthy and nutritious as possible. Continue the healthy eating habits well into their child hood to help them in getting the best nutrition possible for their eye health.


  • Provide your child with age appropriate toys as they grow. The best toys will encourage visual development. Objects that can be held and turned by your baby are best. Do research to see which toys are best for when it comes to the visual development of your child.


  • Watch for signs that could be unusual for your child’s eye development. This may include eyes that are crossing or appear to be lazy. Look for cloudiness or discoloration of the pupil as well.


  • When going outdoors make sure you are providing your child with the proper eye protection from the sun. This is especially important if your child has lighter colored eyes.


  • As your child grows and gets into playing sports, you will want to encourage them to wear the appropriate eye protection.


  • Invest in toys and do activities such as, building or linking blocks, puzzles, stringing beads, pegboards, drawing tools like pencils, chalk, crayons, and markers, finger paints, and modeling clay to help them visually as well as with their motor and hand-eye coordination skills.


Doing the things listed above can really help your child when it comes to the development and protection of your child’s eyesight. For more tips about your child eye care, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center. We can cover all of your optometrist care including LASIK.

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