The Pros and Cons of Transition Lenses

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When you are at your next appointment at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo you may be given the option to have transition lenses. To help you in making an informed decision on whether or not transition lenses could be beneficial, you have gathered some pros and cons to help you decide.




  • The lenses darken quickly providing you with instant protection from the sun and UV rays. Within a mere 30 seconds, the person’s regular eyeglasses have turned into a pair of sunglasses with no effort at all. This is a huge plus for glasses wearers whose lifestyles require them to go outdoors, then back indoors several times throughout each day.
  • They decrease the chances of light sensitivity. Transition lenses provide valuable protection from these rays and keep the eyes from being as sensitive to light. Increased exposure to UV rays can lead to other issues as the person ages, including cataracts. You also have the benefit of having prescription sunglasses without having to change out what you are currently wearing.
  • In the long run you will save money. If your prescription requires you to wear glasses at all times you might be faced with buying a second pair of glasses just for protection from the sun. With transition lenses you save money and effort.



  • Transition lenses are known not to work in vehicles. The windshield already is equipped with the capability of blocking UV rays. Since the lenses do not receive any contact with UV rays while you are driving, this keeps the transition from being triggered and your glasses will remain the same.
  • Transition glasses are currently not polarized. Those who are especially sensitive to light are not able to receive the proper protection from the sun’s harmful glare. While this is expected to improve in the future, users who need protection from the hard glare right now may be left out in the cold.


Now that you have some of the Pros and Cons of transition lenses you can make an informed decision at your next appointment at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo. If you want to skip the hassle of glasses all together, talk to one of our experienced doctors about LASIK surgery to see if you are a possible candidate.

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