How to Protect your Eyes this Summer

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The warm summer months tempt you to go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. It is important to remember to give your eyes the protection they need while you are off on your adventures. We at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem have gathered some suggestions for you to help you in protecting your eyes this summer.


Wear Eye Protection

If you plan on going outdoors for the majority of the day it is so important to remember to bring your sunglasses with you. Make sure your sunglasses are made to protect your from harmful UV rays. All too often people forget their eye wear and end up with burned corneas. Burned corneas are extremely painful and could cause you to go to the ER.


Use Serious Eye Protection when Appropriate

If you have big project plans this summer and need the help of power tools, make sure you are using the necessary eye protection. Safety glasses are a must when you are working on many home improvement projects. Invest in some quality eye protection goggles to make sure any debris that may be flying in the air doesn’t land in your eye.


Avoid and Protect against Chemicals

One such chemical we come into contact with throughout the summer is chlorine in pools. Pay special attention to how much chlorine is actually used. If you find it uncomfortable to open your eyes after playing in the pool you need to rinse them out immediately. Protect your eyes with some swimming goggles.


You can still have fun this summer and give your eyes the protection they need. Protecting your eyes now will help you in preventing vision loss in your later years. For more information about protecting your eyes, alternative eye wear, and even LASIK, make sure you schedule an appointment with the doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem.

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