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We don’t often think about the health and well-being of our eyes until we begin losing our eyesight or noticing something is wrong. Meeting with the experienced doctors at Utah Valley Eye in Provo annually will help you in making sure your eyes are happy and healthy. To help you in protecting your eyes every day we have provided some steps on how to give your eyes the care they need.


Keep Your Eye Exam Appointments

Having annual appointments with your eye doctor will help you to ensure the quality of your eyes. Meeting with your doctor often can help you to prevent the onset of diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic eye disease. As you age you will want to make sure you are keeping these appointments as most eye problems occur as you get older.


Avoid Smoking

In fact, you will want to avoid any tobacco use at all. When you smoke, cyanide from the smoke gets into your bloodstream and can destroy the eye’s cells. Smoking puts you at higher risk of developing cataracts and increases problems with dry eyes. It also raises your risk of macular degeneration, an incurable condition that destroys vision in the center of the eye, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Wear Protection from the Sun

Sunglasses and sunscreen is a must for protecting your eyes and the skin around your eyes as well. The thinnest skin located on your face is around your eyes and can be easily damaged from too much sun exposure. When buying sunglasses you will want to make sure it has 100% protection from UV Rays. Ultraviolet radiation stimulates the issues that cause both cataracts and macular degeneration which are common causes of blindness.


Following the tips above and talking to your eye doctor at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo can help you in keeping your eyes healthy and happy. For more tips make sure you consult with your doctor and keep your annual eye exams. We can help you in all aspects of your vision needs including LASIK surgery, contacts, eye glasses, or eyelid surgery. Call us today to schedule your next eye appointment.

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