Options for Vision Correction for Bifocal Wearers

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Are you doing the “trombone” when reading, moving your arm forward and back as you try to focus on the text? Are you starting to get targeted ads for AARP or Senior living? (Who knew that this came whilst one is still in their 40s?) If you are approaching that lovely time of “middle age,” and having problems reading with or without glasses, it may be time to go to multi-focal lenses. Many people fight this transition as they imagine ugly lines on their glasses like Aunt Myrda or believe what they have heard about no-line alternatives and the difficulty of wearing them.

Today, there are many options for those who find that their eyesight is entering middle age, which is still young in our book!

Lines or no-line multi-focal lenses

We get it, you don’t want to look old. Progressive, or no-line bifocals, are getting better with technological advances, helping you to have the clearest vision possible. These lenses can be more expensive, so it is important to know about your vision benefits and coverage for higher quality multi-focal lenses, sometimes referred to “High-Def Progressives.” Our patients who opt for these upgrades report better vision than those who don’t.

What about contact lenses wearers?

Currently, true multi-focal contacts are not available, although many people report that wearing one eye with a contact lens for nearsightedness and the other for farsightedness works for them. Anecdotally, this can be difficult for some people, so they elect to wear glasses for their nearsightedness and reading glasses when they need to do up-close work. For many who went to contacts to avoid glasses, this is undesirable.

Utah Valley Eye’s option for LASIK surgery in Provo

LASIK for those who need multifocal correction was approved federally in 2007, and the procedure to correct vision in those needing their vision corrected for near and farsightedness can be very effective. More older adults (even senior citizens) are electing to visit our convenient location for vision correction surgery.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, we’re happy to help you select the best fit for your lifestyle. Not only is Utah Valley Eye a leader in LASIK, we also regularly see patients in Provo for eyelid surgery.

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