How to properly get Objects out of your Eyes

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Nothing is worse than having something get into your eye and have it cause you serious pain and discomfort. Knowing how to get the object out is essential in order not to harm your eyes. Consulting with your optometrist at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem is always a good idea if you think you have caused severe damage to your eye. They can help you to prevent any more damage or potential eyesight loss. Below are some steps you should follow in order to properly get objects out of your eye.


Wash your Hands

Before attempting to locate the object that is in your eye you will want to make sure that your hands are clean. Make sure you have them washed thoroughly with hot water and soap. This will help in preventing the transfer of dirt and germs into your eye.


Locate the Object

Now you can locate the object in your eye that is giving you such discomfort. Move your eye around and lift your eyelids carefully to locate what the object could be. If you are having a difficult time it is always a good idea to get help in locating the object.


Flush it Out

After locating the object you will want to remove it as gently as possible. It is highly recommended that you use a sterile eye wash. If you don’t have access to a sterile eyewash you can use tap water. Splash water into your open eyes as generously as you can. If your sink has an adjustable faucet, point it directly into your eye. Set it at a low pressure and a lukewarm temperature and hold your eyes open with your fingers. Do this for about 5 minutes to assure your eye is rinsed out thoroughly.


Use a Cotton Swab

You can use a cotton swab to remove any object or substance that moves out of your eyeball while flushing. If the foreign object is no longer on the eye itself, it’s okay to try to wipe it away. Be careful not to wipe the eye itself with a cotton swab. The safest thing to do is to flush your eye with water, not try to scrape the object away with a swab.


Get Professional Help

If you are having difficulty getting rid of the object in your eye you will want to consult the optometrist at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem to help you in properly removing the object. They have the tools and expertise readily available to help you.


Taking proper care of your eyes is essential in order to keep your eyesight at its best. We can’t control when we get something in your eye, but you can take the proper measures to properly remove it. For more advice on eye health you can always visit Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem. We have all the facts regarding eye health, LASIK, and eyewear. Call or stop by today.

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