Preparing your Child for their Eye Appointment

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As our children grow we want to make sure we are providing the preventative care they need. This includes their vision. Keeping a yearly eye appointment will help your child in case any vision problems do occur. Going to the eye doctor might be a scary thing for your kid at first, but with the tips listed below your child will love coming to the Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo.


Talk about their Eyes

Talking about their eyes and discussing with them about their vision in general will help to prepare them for their eye exam. It may help to draw pictures and discuss all the neat aspects about their eyes. You can even go as far as role playing how the eye appointment might go. There are a variety of books available about cute characters wearing glasses or going to the doctor. Do what you think will make your child most comfortable and excited to go to their eye appointment.


Bring Along a Toy

If your child has a comfort blanket or toy it might be a good idea to bring it along to the appointment. That way when they feel uncomfortable or scared they have their favorite item to distract them. To help in the process further you can even bring along a snack since there tends to be a lot of down time when waiting for your eye exam to take place.


Create a Calming Environment

Children are great at picking up any unease or tension in new surroundings. By making yourself calm you will thus create a calming environment for your child. Allow your child to ask questions throughout the appointment to help them through the experience. If needed you can sing songs, play games, and even reward them with a treat. Do what you can to keep your child calm and having a good experience.


Going to any doctor can be scary for a kid. Having you by their side will help them through the experience. As often as you bring your child for an eye exam you should consider making one yourself with the trusted doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Provo. We provide a variety of services including LASIK surgery. Call our office today to set up an appointment for both you and your child.

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