Protecting your Eyesight from Preventable Diseases

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With the advances made in the medical field each day you can expect your body to live longer and stronger than ever before. This includes the health of your eyes. Take advantage of modern sciences and increase your chances of excellent eyesight be seeing on of the experienced doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem. We can give you the advantage with the list of protective measures to follow to prevent you from developing any preventable eye disease.


Look at your Family History

Like many illnesses, eye diseases can be genetic. Knowing what your family history is regarding their eyesight can help your eye doctor to look for specific traits that you may or may not carry. Catching the disease early on and taking the measures you need to prevent it can increase your chances of having healthy vision longer.


Regular Exams with your Doctor

Not only should you have regular exams with your doctor at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem, but you need to have them with your primary doctor as well. As you age you increase your chances in a change of health resulting in diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes and high blood pressure are known to cause vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and eye strokes.


Be Aware of Warning Signs

Knowing what the signs are pertaining to eye disease or vision loss can help you in getting the treatment you need sooner rather than later. If you are experiencing double vision, hazy vision, red eyes, frequent flashes of light, floaters, eye pain, and swelling you should contact your eye doctor immediately.


Protect Yourself from UV Light

The best and easiest way to protect your eyes is by developing the habit of putting on sunglasses whenever you go outdoors. Doing so will help you in preventing cataracts, pinguecula and other severe eye problems.


Taking the time to protect your eyes with the steps listed above can result in you having near perfect vision for the majority of your life. Let the experienced doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem provide you with all of your eye care needs. Our office has a variety of services available including blepharoplasty and LASIK. Call our office today to learn more.

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