Signs that your child need glasses and what to do after

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Knowing when your child needs glasses can be hard. Kids are not very good at telling adults when something is wrong, and they might not even know that they have a problem seeing. They might think that they have perfect vision. 


But that does not mean parents should worry, there are a lot of signs that can help you tell that your child needs glasses. They might be squinting more than they normally do. They might be sitting too close to a television or holding a phone extremely close to their face. Other signs include getting headaches or having trouble concentrating on school work. 


Some schools also offer eye exams, which can help parents be aware of their childrens changes in vision. 


Once parents notice something wrong the best thing to do would be to schedule an appointment with your local or family eye doctor. The eye doctor can then assess the problem and help to solve it. They can also see if there is something else going on with the child’s eye, like having a lazy eye or an astigmatism. 


From there the child should be taken care of and they can start to see normally again. But the problems might not be fixed. Parents should still be aware of how their child reacts to the treatment, and then monitor them to see if any problems resurface. 


Kids should also see their eye doctor at least once a year to make sure everything is fine, and if they have glasses that their prescription has not changed. Kids will not notice a change in their prescription, their vision might have changed but they will think because they already have glasses so their vision is perfect. 


Those of us that perform blepharoplasty provo surgery want to make sure you and your kids are able to see. 

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