Ways Winter Weather can affect your Eyes

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The winter weather conditions has always been proven to be hard on your body. This is also true when it comes to the condition of our eyes. Our doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem can advise you on various ways you can protect your eyes this winter season.



The cold air outside and the heated air inside will have a great effect on your eyes this winter season. You will find that the air doesn’t contain enough moisture to keep your eyes from drying out. To minimize the dryness you feel in your eyes you need to stay hydrated and you may want to consider running a humidifier in your home to add some much needed moisture to the air.


Sensitivity to Light

Winter skies can seem dark and gloomy, but snowfall and ice create many reflective surfaces that can dramatically increase the amount of light. If you have sensitive eyes, you may experience even more blinking, discomfort, and other symptoms in bright winter light. Protect your eyes when going outdoors for long periods of time, including when walking, shoveling snow, or performing other routine activities.



Harsh winter conditions can cause redness, tenderness, and inflammation in the eye area. You may have swollen eyelids or discoloration of your eye itself. You may also notice eyelid spasms or involuntary tics if your eyes become particularly irritated. The redness could be due to the dry eye you have been experiencing, allergies, or even snow blindness.


Changes in Vision

Extremely low temperatures cause the blood vessels in and around the eyes to constrict, and this constriction can cause immediate vision changes, such as blurriness and double vision. These changes are most likely to occur when you stay outside for long periods of time in temperatures that are well below freezing. If you notice vision changes while out in the cold, move to a warm area as soon as possible. If your normal vision doesn’t return after 30 minutes or so, seek medical attention.


If you experience any of the above symptoms this winter it is always a good idea to schedule an appointment with the doctors at Utah Valley Eye Center in Orem. We can provide you with self-care tips as well as more information on eye procedures including LASIK. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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