What to Expect When You Go to an Eye Exam?

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Everybody needs to go get an eye exam every once in a while. This is very important. Your eyes are so valuable. We often take our eyes for granted but we need to remember that without them we would not be able to see. Because eyes are so important we need to get them looked at. For most people an appointment every one to two years is just fine but for some people who have eye problems need to go more often.


When you schedule your eye appointment make sure that you mention any pain or if you have had any eye problems. This can help us at Utah Valley Eye Center get ready to help you when your appointment arrives. If you sense you have no eye problems that does not mean you don’t need an appointment. Eye exams are there to make sure your eyes stay healthy. Before you go to your appointment make sure you have all of your questions for your doctor written down and if you wear contacts/glasses don’t forget them. Make sure you bring your contacts/glasses.


As soon as you get to your appointment a staff member will ask you about your eye health and medical history. Next a doctor will take you and do numerous tests. Your appointment should last from around 30 minutes to an hour. There will be several tests that the doctor will take you through.


Eye muscle movement test: In this test the doctor will use his finger or pen and move it around the doctor will watch your eyes as they follow the target


Cover test: This will tell you how well your eyes work together. You will be staring at a target a little distance away and the doctor will cover and uncover and observe how much your eyes move.


External Exam and Pupil Reactions: The doctor will see how your pupils adjust to light and while he is doing that he will check on the whiteness of your eyes and your eyelids.


Visual Acuity Text: This is where you’ll be looking at an eye chart listing different numbers and letters. You’ll keep going down and the letters will keep getting smaller until you can’t read it anymore.


After your doctor does all of those tests he will talk to you about the health of your eyes and then you should be good to go. We also offer other procedures like Orem Lasik. We are happy to help you with any of your eye needs.

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