When Can My Child Start Wearing Contacts

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Does your child wear glasses but wants a change? Contact can be great for your child. When is the right age to start contacts? There is no specific age recommended for contacts. It honestly depends on how responsible your child is and how much support you as the parent can give them. Kids as young as 8 years old can be ready for contacts while some teens may not even be ready yet. 


There are signs that show if your child can handle contacts. First if they are asking from them. If your child wants them it will be an easier transition. If you kids do their responsibilities in the home it shows that they are responsible and ready to take care of contacts. The way you kids treat their glasses may also be an indicator. Does your child play sports? If so, contacts are perfect while playing so your kids don’t have to worry about being hit in the glasses.  


If you are ready to have your kids start wearing contacts it is important to make sure you talk to their eye doctor. The eye doctor has an expert opinion and can help you make sure that your child is ready. The next time you take your child in for an eye appointment as your doctor about contacts.


When your child does get contacts it is important that you help them understand that they need to take care of them. This is an extra responsibility your child will have. Help your kid know how to properly clean them as well as their case. You should always wash your hands before dealing with contacts. Make sure your kids have clean hands before using contacts. Every Time before bed make sure your child has taken them out. Wearing contacts to bed can injure their eyes. 


Contacts can be a great tool for kids who are ready for it. When your kids get old enough don’t forget about Provo Lasik Surgery. This can help fix vision problems so they won’t even need contacts any more. If you have any questions about our lasik surgery or contacts give us a call today.

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