How to get Objects out of Your Eye

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It happens to all of us. We have all at one time or another have gotten something stuck in our eye. There is nothing worse than getting something stuck in your eye. Most of the time this causes you to have serious pain and discomfort. The way we get things out of our eye is important. While removing something from your eye you do not want to damage that eye. Your eye care and health is very important to us. 


The very first thing you should do is to wash your hands. When dealing with your eyes you should always make sure those hands are clean. Make sure that you are washing your hands with hot and soapy water to ensure that you will not pass any more germs into your eye. 


Once your hands are washed you need to remember not to rub your eyes. If you rub your eyes it will cause a scratch on the surface of your eye called corneal abrasion. Rubbing your eyes does not help it actually hurts your eyes so just do not do it. You should also never use cotton swabs or sharp objects such as tweezers to touch your eyeball. This will cause damage to your eye.


Try flushing your eyes out. You can use a solution or even water. For the most part this works and you are set. Especially if the object stuck is very small. Sometimes it is stuck in there real good and you may need to lie down and hold your eye open for drops. 


If you cannot relieve that irritation and pain make sure you receive medical attention. The experts can always help out. It is no fun getting things stuck in your eye and if needed we can help you get it out. 


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